About Widus Partners

Founded in 2010, Widus Partners was established to provide practical solutions and advice to start-ups and small to mid-sized enterprises in Asia and the U.S. We have since expanded our offerings to include M&A advisory services, principal investments, and blockchain-based ICO advisory services to support and work with a diverse array of clients and partners. Because of our reputation for getting transformative deals done, our unwavering ambition to “connect-the-dots” across markets in order to bring together the disparate pieces necessary to realize synergistic opportunities, and our focus on building our franchise around long-term relationships, we are quickly becoming one of the premier go-to “deal makers” in Asia and beyond.

Widus has a presence in Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and San Francisco, and has built strong relationships with leading corporations, private wealth management firms, private equity firms, investment banks and financial advisory firms throughout Asia, the U.S. and Europe that support and participate in our cross-border transactions.

Our Philosophy

We aim to bridge the friction cost of collaborating, investing, financing, and doing “change-of-control” deals across borders and market segments in order to unleash the phenomenal latent and hidden value realizable from bringing the relative strengths and assets of differently situated buyers and sellers, investors and advisors, partners and collaborators, public and private companies, across markets. Our ambition is to earn and build a diverse and growing circle of long-term relationships that provide us with “alpha” market intelligence, proprietary deal opportunities, and actionable composite pieces necessary to “complete” the synergistic story and execute on that promise.


Widus Fund

Widus operates a fund comprising of Korea and Greater China-based limited partners with a focus on technology and international investments.

Widus Venture Fund will primarily focus on seed and venture stage investment opportunities.

Widus Growth Fund will primarily focus on Pre-IPO / growth stage investment opportunities.

Investment / Advisory

Investment / Advisory for private and public companies.

Entity Set up

Established Widus Partners in Hong Kong.

Seed and angel investment

Commenced direct investments in early stage / Pre-IPO companies.

Early stage start-up and business advisory

Founded in August 2010. Focused primarily on start-up and SME advisory.