M&A Advisory

Our M&A and Investment Advisory practice is distinctive because of the depth of our ambition and the capabilities of our team.

We are guided by our conviction that enterprises need to work with counterparties across markets to fully realize their true potential. Our core team is comprised of leading international professionals with multi-jurisdictional work experience, world-class skill sets, and powerful and actionable global network. Our job is to help define the equity or the synergy story for management, secure the right counterparties, and execute transformative deals that deliver a lasting impact.

While we cover many industries, we have developed a particularly strong reputation, network and experience in e-commerce, retail and brands; web services and applications; cosmetics, healthcare and well-being solutions; media and entertainment; education, play and training; and technology and components.

Our advice and support are tailored to the particular needs of our clients:

Business Advice – We are, by training and inclination, consultants, lawyers, bankers and investors who are keen to get into the details of the business and translate that knowledge into execution paths. We get engaged by clients looking to us as thought partners, idea generators and problem solvers who can help define the strategic intent, prioritize key decisions, and prepare the client for a transformative event.

Transaction Advice – Our core competency resides in our ability to get deals done. Whether our mandate is M&A advisory, financing & investment advisory, or involves a deal with a commercial or business deal component, we are networked, skilled-up, experienced to deliver unparalleled transactional financial advice to our clients.

Post-Transaction Advice – Due to our inclination to forge long-term relationships with our clients, we tend to know our clients’ businesses profoundly well. As a result, even after we help facilitate a major transaction, we are frequently asked by our clients to help them realize the synergy potential of the deal, whether as a board member, advisor, or investor. We welcome the opportunity to work with our clients to ensure that the synergy potential from collaborating with counterparties is fully realized.