Private Equity and
Principal Investments

Widus Partners have engaged in direct/balance sheet investments since 2010. We tend to invest in proprietary deals primarily in education, cosmetics, media, entertainment and healthcare industries, and in companies that can benefit from investments from strategic investors.

We typically invest prior to investments from or alongside with strategic investors that we have ongoing relationships with, ensuring that there is value-add immediately after our investment. We also invest in companies that are planning to go public within 18 to 24 months of our investment, ensuring liquidity.

While we will continue to engage in direct/balance sheet investment opportunities as we had successfully done before, we have acquired a Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) licensed asset management company in 2018 for the purpose of managing offshore funds on behalf of limited partner investors.

We also entered into a joint venture arrangement with Vogo Fund, an alternative asset management company in Korea with more than US$2 billion asset under management, for the purpose of investing in cross-border private equity transactions.