M&A Advisory Services

Our M&A Advisory Services practice is distinctive because of the depth of its ambition and the capabilities of our team members.

We are guided by our conviction that enterprises need to work with counterparties from across markets and segments in order to fully realize their true potential. Our core M&A Advisory Services team is comprised of leading international professionals with multi-jurisdictional work experience, world-class skill sets, and multi-cultural and linguistic backgrounds who can act on this conviction. Our job is to help define this story for management, secure the right counterparties, and help execute on the deal and the synergy creation post-deal.

While we cover many industries, we have developed a particularly strong reputation, network and capabilities in e-commerce; web services and applications; cosmetics and well-being solutions; media and entertainment; education, play and training; technology and components; and energy, resources and infrastructure. While we continue to advise promising fast emerging early-stage companies, we also work with mid-sized growth companies and larger, more mature companies, whether private or publicly traded.

Although the typical manner in which we deliver our value add and support to our clients and partners is holistic, the key categories of our M&A Advisory Services can be broadly organized in the following manner:

  • Business Advice:
    We are, by training and inclination,
    business consultants, corporate managers, investors,
    lawyers, and bankers who are eager to get into the details of business and translate that knowledge into insights and execution paths. We get engaged by clients that are looking to us as thought partners, idea generators, problem solvers, and execution agents who can help define the strategic focus, prioritize “move-the-needle” decisions, and prepare the client for a transformative milestone event.
  • Transaction Advice: Our core competency resides in our ability to get deals done. Whether our mandate is sell-side or buy-side advisory, financing or investment advisory, or a deal with a commercial or business deal component, we are skilled up, experienced, networked, and sophisticated to deliver unparalleled transactional financial advice to our clients. Our ability to execute cross-border “change-of-control” deals throughout Asia and beyond in particular is distinctive and well recognized among our peers.
  • Post-Transaction Synergy Generation Advice: Due to our inclination to forge long-term relationships with our clients, we tend to know our clients profoundly well, including their relative strengths and weaknesses, and key risks and opportunities. As a result, even after we help facilitate and complete a major transaction, we are frequently asked by our clients to help them realize the synergy potential of the deal, whether as a board member, business consultant, investor and/or special advisor. We welcome the opportunities to work with our clients from beginning to end and share in the fruits of our collective labor.

ICOs & Cryptocurrency Project Advisory

We have unparalleled expertise and track record in initial coin offerings (ICOs), blockchain and other token projects. Serving as a trusted advisor, partner and alliance member, we align our interests with our clients to take their projects to the finish line.

With the recent development of coin offerings as a new way of raising capital for early startups, new projects as well as growth stage companies, Widus Partners offers comprehensive ICO and cryptocurrency advisory services to support our clients and portfolio companies.

Our team is provides a full range of ICO and cryptocurrency advisory services, including:

  • business model and token economics development;
  • corporate/regulatory structuring;
  • token project documentation, market research, technology consulting;
  • pre-ICO investments, marketing and ICO investor relations;
  • global alliance development, strategic partnerships and project community management;
  • post-ICO business management;
  • and listing on digital currency exchanges.

We understand that each company will have varying level of understanding and needs when it comes to blockchain technology and ICOs. We only advise and commit our resources in a select number of projects that we believe that we can add value.